A Universal Robotics Operating System


Introducing uROS

Introducing uROS

UROS is a simple, effective, universal robotic operating system, for a mass user-base to integrate into its future tech ecosystem. We are excited to announce the public launch of uROS at the IROS Macau 2019 Robotics and Automation conference

Visual Editor

A world first visual editor

Our visual editor pushes the envelope of ease and accessibility way beyond anything ever seen in a robotics operating system.

Using our platform - developed with accessibility as a fundamental principle - we aim to empower as many technology enthusiasts as possible to develop robots and AI systems using our uROS.

Network Effects

A network effect for robotics

The operating system we are building leverages network effects to learn new strategies. Learning via our community development efforts means our technology continues to evolve at an unmatched pace.

Looking to work in the world of Robotics AI?

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